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Packing and unpacking service

According to the old saying “change is always good.” But moving and changing your place from one city to another is not an easy task. It involves gathering all your stuff packing, loading unloading, and unpacking and much more. It makes your shifting a hectic job. If you start packing by yourself a month or a two week before a shifting process you end in damaging your stuff. Packing and unpacking are not everyone cups of tea. It requires experience and techniques. At LiftIt Movers Santa Monica offers the professional services of moving, packing and unpacking.

Packing options

1. Full packing option/ service

We make sure to cater relocation of your belongings with expertise and professionalism, which can reduce the chances of damages, we LiftIt Movers Santa Monica recommends you to choose our company’s full packing service option. In this package, we offer packing services, disassembly of standard furniture in conjunction with professional loading and wrapping. You pick the full package option; our team began the packing two or one day before the moving date and make sure that everything is packed and ready for loading.

2. Partial packing option/service

Our company, LiftIt  movers Santa Monica is famous for our partial packing option or service. Many customers prefer to do packing by themselves. You can hire us for the packing of a specific room, items like packing of kitchen stuff, any beautiful furniture, your office computers or any other particular thing. We offer the best partial packing services with perfection in our work.

3. DIY Packing

You choose to pack your stuff by yourself then we recommend you to visit our office or call us at (424)361-1300 we will advise you on professional packing material. We have observed consumer pick the wrong box as per the weight of the object which results in damaged goods and broken boxes. LiftIt Movers Santa Monica uses a top-quality of packing materials, and we also have a complete line of packing material which you can purchase from us.

Unpacking options

1. Unpacking service (full)

You avail this service than relax and let our professional to handle the unpacking job. Our expert will assemble the standard furniture and unpack all stuff and organize as per your instruction. In the end, our team threw away all the empty boxes.

2. Unpacking service (partial)

This service is for those who want to save money. In this service, we place the furniture where our client wants, unpack the boxes which you want us and place a remaining unpacked box in a right room and the end our team hauls way empty boxes.

3. The most popular service DIY unpacking

Mostly customer picks this option because they want to unpack the goods at their pace. Our team will unload the boxes and place it in the right room and let you do unpacking.

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