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6 top packing supplies one should have

Are you busy nowadays with packing your goodies? Are you satisfied with your packing? Do you know what material you should be needed while packing your stuff and all? Your answer is yes then it’s ok if your answer is “NO” than your effort is all in vain. Yes, it is rude to say, but it is the truth. Here we have comes with 6 packing supplies one should have while packing.

  • Bubble wrap!

You guys know about the bubble wrap sheet? The one which we loved to pop in our childhood. Do you know popping bubble wrap is good for anxiety reduction? But bubble sheets are not for popping they are the essential packing supplies. These bubbles wrap handy to use, and it comes with a large or small bubble in a sheet roll. These bubbles wraps are best for wrapping fragile and delicate items.

They are best for breakable items; you can wrap teapots, crystal items, decoration pieces in it. You can have best quality bubble wrap at LiftIt Movers Santa Monica.

Avoid wrapping wooden, piece of fine art because bubble will melt in hot weather and destroy your piece of art.

Do ask for advice from the professional packers how to wrap the item with bubble sheer. The professional packers of LiftIt Movers Santa Monica recommend wrapping the bubble sheet in a way that bubbles face the article and use bigger bubble for wrapping heavy objects like vases and electronic equipment.

  • Packing paper

It is a clean sheet to prevent your items from any ink. For packing of small things like dishes, glassware, and another fragile article we can use packing paper. You can use this packing sheet as filler in an empty box.

According to professional expert wrap your neat and clean items or dishes in it then bubble wrap it because when you unwrap the stuff, there is no need to wash them.

For the best packing supplies

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  • Boxes

If we talk about packing supplies, the boxes are most important of them. Quality boxes for packing are essential and to place your item according to the weight bearing capacity of the item. Pack heavier item in a small box, an item like canned goods, tools, silverware, and books. For pillow lampshades, bedding uses large boxes.

While packing, place the heavier stuff at the base of a box and light item over. Do not forget to fill the space with paper wrap.

Cardboard boxes are easily available in the market, or you can rent a plastic box from LiftIt Movers Santa Monica. There are some items which do not require cardboard boxes or plastic boxes you can purchase specialty boxes for mirror, clothing, artwork, and glassware.

  • Padding wrapping sheet

These packing supplies look like a regular paper sheet, but it has a cushion built in them. You can use them to wrap the furniture to prevent it from scratches.

  • Plastic wrap

Packing supplies are many choosing the right one to pack the correct item is a trick and where professionalism work. Plastic wrap is like another wrap but it has a different purpose. You can use it to wrap draws to prevent your belonging coming out from the draws.

You can also take a giant roll of plastic wrap and wrap your sofa in it. It prevents your sofa from getting dirty and wet while moving.

  • Packing tape

Heavy-duty packing tape you should use to secure the boxes throughout your moving process. Do not forget to apply multiple tapes on the top of the box.

Packing supplies and moving company

When looking for quality packing supplies always look for quality packing materials. Because your packing techniques fail if you use faulty packing supplies. LiftIt Movers Santa Monica provides quality packing supplies. Visit their office they will guide you about the packing techniques and right usage of packing material.

But! We recommend you to hire professional packing company like LiftIt Movers Santa Monica for the packing services because the coast of packing service is less than a packing supplies cost and efforts.

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